Desktop App Development

So you want to develop powerful desktop app to bring efficiency for your business? Run on popular platforms, Windows or OS X. Let’s talk and get your solution faster. Expertise: VB.NET, Swift.

Web App Development

This kind of app that bring flexibility to run your code on any platform via web browser. With the powerful combination of PHP, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Angular, etc. Expertise: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, ReactJS, etc.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application are so booming todays, there was estimated around +30 million peoples in Indonesia that have smartphone for their daily activities. Don’t miss this chance for bring competitive edge for your business. Expertise: Native Android, Kotlin, Swift, Hybrid.

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What else I provide?

Automated Test

Need to assure that your software has near zero bugs? Automated test come to help

Bugs Fixing

Something goes wrong with your app? Let me check and fix it.


Want to make your web app a fresher look? Let’s talk about your new ideas

Performance Tunning

Feel your web so slow? I can help you to find out the problem and boost your website speed

What my clients say

Thanks for your help in my project

Ahmad Ramadhan Network Engineer

I really love his work, he is kind and friendly person.

Ricko Staff @ PT Pelayaran Tri Daya Laju

Thanks bro Akbar for your help finishing my project.

Ridwan Bahtiar Staff @ Pokja AMPL

The workflow

This is some quick explanation about how I will work toward your project. Feel free to ask me anything.

  • Client tell the problem via request quote form, phone call or Whatsapp (+62878 8441 8394)
  • I review your request and will send you reply or proposal in 2x24 hours
  • Client agree with the proposal
  • I send legal contract
  • Client transfer 70% of total fee
  • Project starting and client will get regular report (if necessary or requested)
  • Client evaluates the solution. If everything is good, client receive Invoice and pay the rest of total fee
  • In case of dispute, it can be discussed
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  • Q: How fast I can finish a project?
  • A: A project can be finished within hours, days or months, depending on size, complexity, queue, and priority level. I try my best to bring solution and soon as possible.
  • Q: Do I give legal contract & services warranty?
  • A: Yes. For all project, I give minimum 5 days maintenance warranty. I also offer additional maintenance service.
  • Q: What is minimum project criteria I take?
  • A: I prefer to take a project that has a measurable solution and clear requirements. If you have any difficulties, feel free to ask me.
  • Q: How much I charge?
  • A: Well, it depends on project scope and priority level. As a business, I always try to give competitive service price.

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